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December 2022

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Our main goals

Our team focuses on the link between brain development and integrity and stress responses under normal conditions and environmental stress. We aim at understanding the interactions between the cellular stress responses and the epigenetic and transcriptional regulations taking place in the healthy or diseased developing brain.

Over the years, we have found that stress-responsive factors are unexpectedly active and necessary for brain development, under physiological conditions. This turn them into main drivers of neurodevelopmental defects under prenatal stress conditions. Moreover, we found that stress-responsive pathways are also perturbed in models of neurodevelopmental disorders of genetic origins, making them attractive potential target for future therapeutic approaches.

Our current research topics

Our interests follow two main research axes:

  • To clarify the role of HSF2, a member of the HSF family, and that of other stress-responsive transcription factor pathways, in the brain development and as mediators of some of the defects occurring in neurodevelopmental pathologies
  • To clarify how prenatal stress impacts the reorganization of the neuro-epigenome and the transcriptome and causes neurodevelopmental defects

Epigenome and stress

Stress pathways and neurodevelopmental disorders














Our research is funded by


Valérie Mezger,

Applications of motivated student and postdoc are welcome. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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