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The popularization of science is an essential part of citizenship education. Members of the unit are highly concerned and many of them participate in various events to share their passion for science, their research and their knowledge.


  • During the 2022 Pint of Science festival, “Mieux comprendre le cancer pour mieux l’éliminer ?” by Aurélie Richard and Marie Villares (Weitzman group). Watch the video here.
  • Marie Villares (Weitzman group) participated in the finale of the Sorbonne Paris Cité Alliance for the MT180 competition  “Ma thèse en 180sec” (2022/03/22) (starting at 35min45)
  • During the “Femmes en Sciences” meeting in Paris (2022/02/19): Conference “Voyage au coeur de nos cellules” (starting at 48min) by Sophie Polo
  • Jonathan Weitzman gave a TED talk at the TEDxSaclay 2018: “Who am I? Learning to read the genes in your unique genome book
  • Conferences during the “Université Ouverte” (see courses and conferences schedule) (Mezger and Weitzman group members)
  • In Rouen, during the program “Agite tes neurones” (2016/04/21): Conference on epigenetics “Épigénétique, la fin du tout-ADN?” by Valérie Mezger
  • At Pasteur Institute in Paris (2015/12/15), with patients non-governmental organizations (NGO): Conference on Alcohol and Epigenetics by Valérie Mezger and workshops with former alcoholics NGO and SAF France.
  • Conference on Epigenetics for Air France staff by Sabrine Hedouin (Feb-March 2015, Francastel group)


On television

On the radio

  • France culture (2022/3/3) : La méthode scientifique – Thèse : le début de la fin ? (Jonathan Weitzman)
  • France culture (2021/1/13) : La méthode scientifique – Épimédicaments : y’a pas que l’ADN dans la vie (Souhila Medjkane, Weitzman group)
  • Radio-France Internationale (2015/12/3) : Autour de la question – Les caractères acquis se transmettent-ils ? (Valérie Mezger)
  • France inter (2014/10/1): La tête au carré – Épigénétique (Valérie Mezger)

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Lab experiences

  • Fete de la Science 2022 & 2023 : Alerte ! Mon ADN est cassé !!!
  • Fête de la Science 2021 & 2023 – Visites Insolites du CNRS : Organoïdes : des mini-organes qui poussent en laboratoire
  • In the frame of the program “Les apprentis chercheurs”, several research groups in the unit host young students in their lab every Wednesday during the school year. These students from secondary and high schools are mentored by PhD students, post-docs and engineers in the unit.



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Elisa Bergamin seminar – June 5, 2024

Elisa Bergamin seminar – June 5, 2024

Wednesday, June 5, 2024, at 11:00 am. Elisa Bergamin IGBMC, StrasbourgInvited by Sophie Polo “Structural and functional studies of mammalian SWI/SNF in health and disease” The seminar will take place in the Institut Jacques Monod seminar room (RB-18B). Buffon...

Helen Rowe seminar – postponed!

Helen Rowe seminar – postponed!

Wednesday, May 29, 2024, at 11:00 am. Helen Rowe Queen Mary University, LondonInvited by Pierre-Antoine Defossez “Retroelements and the crosstalk between chromatin regulation and inflammation” The seminar will take place in the Institut Jacques Monod seminar room...