Confocal Microscopy and UVC Laser

The platform is equipped with a Zeiss LSM900 confocal microscope mounted with quartz optics for the transmission of a 266nm UVC laser. This UVC laser is controlled by a RappOpto module, enabling targeted irradiation of living cells and small organoids.
It is also equipped with a CO2 incubation chamber.
External users interested in using the 266nm UVC laser are invited to contact the platform:

Green light beams reminiscent of the lasers used in confocal microscopy technology.

© Image by Ralf Vetterle from Pixabay

Technical specifications:

LSM900 "Pink Floyd"

Inverted confocal microscope with heating chamber + CO2
X, Y and Z piloted
Filters and objectives piloted


2 detectors GaAsP decomposed in 2 detectors GaAsP–PMT

Visible light (halogen)
X-cite series 120Q fluorescent lamp (Mercury Halides, 3000h max)
Lasers :
– Diode laser 405nm, 5mW, laser classe 3B
– Diode laser 488nm, 10mW, laser classe 3B
– Diode laser (SHG) 561nm, 10mW, laser classe 3B
– Diode laser 640nm, 5mW, laser classe 3B

Acquisition software:
Zen 3.5 Blue Edition


Mag. N.A Quality Transmission
Imm. Max resolution at 488nm
10X 0,3 EC PLAN NeoFluar Air 992 nm
40X 1,3 Plan Apo (UV)-vis-IR DIC Oil 229 nm
63X 1,4 Plan Apo DIC Oil 213 nm
40X 0,60 Ultrafluar QUARTZ Glycerol 496 nm
100X 1,2 Ultrafluar QUARTZ Glycerol 248 nm

Epifluorescence Filters:

Name Colour Excitation Filter BP Dichroic Mirror Suppression Filter BP
DAPI Blue 335-383 395 420-470
GFP Green 450-490 495 500-550
Ds-RED Red 538-562 570 570-640
UVC Laser

Laser :
266nm pulsed laser, 20kHz, 15mW Class IIIB
Pulse duration: <1ns
Maximum output power: >0.5µJ

Driver module:
UGA-42 Firefly RappOpto Electronic

Irradiation software :
SysCon with “Click&Fire” mode, communicating with Zen Blue

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