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profil pic DabinJuliette

Juliette Dabin

Post-doctoral fellow (MSCA)


+33 1 57 27 89 81


Juliette did her PhD in Sophie’s lab working on histone variant dynamics in response to UV damage in human cells. She characterized the UV-induced mobilization of parental histones, which define the pre-damage chromatin state, and explored the impact of newly deposited histones on mitotic histone modifications at UV damage sites. After graduating in September 2018, she moved to the EMBL Epigenetics and Neurobiology Unit in Rome to work on cell-type specific target gene regulation in mammals, using the Olmsted Syndrome as a model to develop a CRISPR/Cas9-based approach for gene therapy. From January 2022, she has been back as a postdoctoral fellow in Sophie’s team to study chromatin dynamics in response to DNA double-strand breaks on the inactive X chromosome in mammals.


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