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Costas Bouyioukos

Assistant Professor


I am a computational biologist working in the “Epigenetics and Cell Fate” (Paris Epigenetics, UMR 7216) unit. My research involves integrative multi-omics data analyses and applications of statistical and computational modelling techniques to untangle the complex interplay between multiple layers of biological regulation.

After obtaining my Diploma and MSc in Biotechnology Engineering from the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), I worked as a research engineer for microRNA bioinformatics at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Then, coming back to Europe and the University of East Anglia in Norwich, I pursued my PhD studies in computer science developing computational models to simulate the dynamics of gene regulatory networks on artificial tissues and network science approaches to associate network structure and function.

I then moved from UEA next to the building of The Sainsbury Laboratory (TSL) for my first post-doc applying my computational and statistical skills in exploiting next generation sequencing (NGS) data for plant genomics research and hunting of agriculturally important (e.g. resistance to pathogens) genes in wild grass species. Then, it was the time for Paris and the institute of Systems and Synthetic Biology (iSSB) at Genopole, where I worked in the computational modelling of the epigenomic architecture of chromosome folding. I developed strong interest and competence in systems biology, chromosome architecture, multi-omics approaches for GRN learning as well as computer assisted design for synthetic biology.

Finally, I joined the Life Sciences faculty of Paris Diderot University (Université Paris-Diderot UFR Sciences du Vivant) in September 2016 as an assistant professor of bioinformatics with a 50% affiliation to the faculty of Computer Sciences (UFR Informatique). I teach Systems Biology and Bioinformatics Genomics at the UFR Sciences du Vivant and Programming and Software Engineering at the UFR Informatique.

A few words about what is bioinformatics from the official page of the International Society of Computational Biology (ISCB):
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