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Bertrand Cosson

Professor (Université Paris Cité)


Bertrand Cosson is professor in Molecular Biology specialized in gene expression regulation studies, in particular through the analysis of high-throughput sequencing data. He worked on the regulation of mRNA stability and translation through the cell cycle and development in different organisms including marine animals and mammalian cells. He has in particular deciphered how eIF4E-binding proteins play a critical role in early sea urchin development, and has gained insight into structural features of eIF4E/4E-BP interaction, including in mammals. Furthermore, Bertrand Cosson has acquired a solid expertise in the biochemical approaches that permit the exploration of mRNA deadenylation and the role of the poly(A) tail in the regulation of mRNA translation/stability. He recently shows that the first gene expression response to glucose increase in human pancreatic beta cells is post transcriptional, with the co-translation of structurally related mRNAs via the mTOR and eIF2 pathways. He is currently working on the essential cytoplasmic requirement of a key epigenetic regulator, Setdb1, showing that it is involved in cytoplasmic post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression.